Closet Shopping

No Comments 16 March 2006

Ahh…the minimalist’s life If your closet looks anything like mine, then you probably have shoes piled on the floor, purses piled on the top shelf, and tons of clothes crammed on the rack. If your are also like me, then you are probably a shopaholic, and have way more stuff than you could ever need. […]

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Signature Style

No Comments 15 March 2006

Espionage Bag, $120.00 Kahri Pop Rock Wrap Top, $84.00 Leaf Me Alone Necklace from reimagined, $145 For Angelina Jolie, it’s head-to-toe jet setter black. For Gwen Stefani, it’s red, red lips. For Brittany Spears, it’s that silly straw hat. And for Jessica Simpson, it’s bags, bags and more hot bags. What’s your signature style? Everyone […]

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