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5 Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

0 Comments 11 October 2011

Rachel Zoe Barbie

Teen girls can be tricky to buy for, whether they’re on the tween end or the basically-a-woman end of their formative decade – the soft toys, Barbie dolls and train sets are getting passed on or packed up, she’s on the road to womanhood and thinks most things are desperately un-cool.

So for befuddled gift buyers everywhere: below are some suggestions that should help you find something unforgettable for lady teens of every age and inclination. If you’re lucky, you’ve discovered it while doing research for her thirteenth birthday present – the list of five presents mean you’re set until she’s eighteen!

1. Journal
It’s important for teenage girls to start to have space to think – and a diary is a great way to foster creativity and self-awareness. Getting one with a lock for younger teens will show you appreciate their all-important privacy. For an older girl, buy a classic notepad with durable boards and nice thick paper; she can document her travels or jot down her thoughts, use it for notes in class or to plan a project.

2. Charm bracelet
It’s hard to strike a balance between the faddy and the classic when it comes to jewellery – especially when it comes to teenagers. You want to get something she won’t outgrow but that’s still fun, which is why charm bracelets are perfect: they can be added to, customised, evolve as she develops her unique sense of style.

3. Radio alarm clock
The first half hour after waking is a tricky one for most teens: groggy, grumpy and hurried. Make it all a bit easier by getting them an alarm clock – not a harsh, ringing one, but one that wakes them up with their favourite station. After all, music is a defining thing when you’re in your teenage years – and though you might not know what they’re into, you can get them something to play it on.

4. Picture frame
A frame might seem like a bit of a dull present – but it can be as fun for young women as it is for young girls if you put an unused disposable camera in the package as well. They’ll be able to snap photos of friends, family and their favourite places to put on their wall; invaluable for a girl that’s re-decorating her bedroom or settling in a dorm room for the first time.

5. Gift card
If inspiration hasn’t struck, give her the gift of choice. You can get vouchers for most places nowadays, so whether she’s interested in a particular sport, books, or clothes, you’ll be able to find one that fits her bill. Don’t see it as a cop out – it’s a step up from cash and shows you’ve paid attention to her hobbies.

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