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5 Must-have Accessories for Fall

0 Comments 16 July 2013

Even in the heat of summer, savvy fashionistas are already shopping for their fall wardrobes. Part of staying on trend is wearing the newest looks as soon as the weather begins to cool, instead of cycling through last year’s fall clothes before buying your new fall pieces.

However, we also know that not everyone can afford to replace an entire wardrobe every season. If you want to be the first person on your block or in your office wearing the latest fall fashions but aren’t able to fund a full wardrobe overhaul, invest in these five accessories to bring last year’s look into fashion-forward focus.


Match last year’s navy or burgundy knit skirt with a pair of soft, buckled boots.¬† Brands like¬† Fiorentini Baker are coming out with new lines of fall boots made of brown, black or gray suede leather, each featuring a set of buckles and straps that wrap around the leg in a style that evokes English rustic Wellingtons. However, there’s nothing informal about these boots; their neutral color and low heel make them perfect for a day spent in the office or a weekend exploring the city.


The best way to update your look is to update your eyeglasses. Wearing your style on your face is a great way to show people that you’re up on the latest trends. Glasses for Fall 2013 follow the same geeky, cat-eyed barista styles we’ve seen in years past, but frames are getting larger; designers are moving away from the small ovals of 2011 and 2012 to give us wider lenses reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s famous pair. Examine Vera Wang’s new collection for inspiration, then visit your local eyeglass emporium for a knockoff copy.


There’s no one purse that has yet come forward as the “It Purse” for fall, but we have three strong contenders that make great additions to any wardrobe. Consider a silk sling purse made of sari material from India, a hip purse that attaches to a scarf or belt, or a stylish arm purse that takes the strap-on bicep purses worn by runners to a new, fashionable level. Of the three, we recommend the arm purse as a must-try. Wear it alongside a silk sleeveless blouse for extra impact.


New York Magazine has ruled: solid-colored tights are out and sheer prints and patterns are in. Display your legs in funky stripes, tiny polka dots or classic houndstooth. Wear these tights as a work-friendly alternative to pantyhose as soon as the weather gets cold. While it’s always advisable to have a pair of black and gray opaque tights on hand, you can chuck out the maroon and navy; those are going to scream “last year’s style!”


Word on the street is jewelry is taking an antique turn. Look for Byzantine patterns like crosses and diamonds, and invest in anything that’s encrusted with gilt or faux gemstones. The tarnished gold look is huge, as are oversized pieces; think chandelier earrings that are as wide as your palm or lavaliers that hang to your waist. What else is surprisingly back in 2013? Chains. It’s time to dig through your closets and pull out your wide-link chain necklaces from two decades ago. Chances are, the metal has become tarnished enough to be perfect for this new retro look.

Even if you can’t afford a full fall wardrobe, adding these five pieces to your arsenal prepares you to start Fall 2013 in style. Once you have these pieces, keep your eyes out for sales and deals on skirts, blouses, dresses and other must-have items for fall. With a careful eye to your budget and a full understanding of this year’s trends, you can easily outfit yourself for this fall and show off your knowledge and use of this season’s styles.

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