5 Tips for Dressing Expensively (Cheaply)

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Everyone wants to look like a million dollars when dressed in their finest clothing. However, not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars on a wardrobe for their everyday lives. Spending a lot of money on clothing for special occasions is one thing, but to build a wardrobe out of designer clothing can be incredibly expensive. There are, however, many ways to fashion a wardrobe that looks expensive and well put-together on any sort of budget.

Stop Avoiding Consignments

There is a perception of consignment, thrift, and charity stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army that they are only for the destitute and the non-picky. However, this can be a very damaging perception to have for a prospective shopper. These stores frequently contain a good deal of high-quality clothing that is available at incredibly low prices. These stores also mainly go to benefit charities, from local charities to the Humane Society. Many men and women who buy designer clothing for full price donate a great deal of their items; many times, being able to afford designer clothing lends itself to the lifestyle of being somewhat wasteful about taking care of this clothing — this wastefulness can be your gain if you know where and when to shop. Check at the end of the season, or in a city other than your own.

Make a Clothing Trade

Thrift and consignment stores are great if you have only a little money to spend. However, many people who want to wear designer clothing have no money to spend. It can be difficult to keep finances in line.  You will need to watch out for sales and shop and manage your money carefully.  Consider a free credit score to get a deeper understanding of your credit history, and utilize this knowledge to make sure you don’t over spend. This can drastically elongate the life of your clothes. A pair of jeans that fit like a dream last season may be too loose or too tight this year, but may fit your neighbor perfectly. Even a few pieces of designer clothing can go a long way to making your entire neighborhood look trendy and chic for several years to come.

Get Inspired

If the thrift stores and clothing swaps don’t have the kind of clothing you’re looking for, it can seem impossible to dress better for less. In this case, one of the best things you can do is take inspiration and try to match it. Follow fashion blogs that speak to you personally. When you see a design that you like, make a note of the cut, the style, the color, and everything you like about the piece. When you visit discount stores like Ross, look on the sales racks for clothing that fits at least some of your criteria. If you are willing to be flexible on a few of the details, shopping on inspiration alone can be an extremely good way to save thousands of dollars on clothing that makes you look like you only shop at expensive, high-end stores for your clothing.

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