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Academy Awards Hits and Misses

2 Comments 09 March 2010

Oh, sure, they hand out the little statues and all, but everyone knows that the Oscars are about fashion, right? Well, to those of us who appreciate clothes more than movies, they are. Here are some of the hits and misses from the Academy Awards telecast Sunday night.


Jennifer Lopez would probably look good in a sackcloth dress, but in a gorgeous white stunner by Giorgio Armani, she was positively radiant. It isn’t easy to get away with white on the red carpet, and standing next to tux-clad hubby Marc Anthony the pair slightly resembled the bride and groom atop a very classy wedding cake, but really, that was a fabulous dress.

kathryn bigelow

Director Kathryn Bigelow was the first woman in the 82 year history of the Academy Awards to win the statue for Best Director. What’s that about? There’s no way that in 82 years she’s the only woman who deserved to win for best director, I’m sorry. What about Jane Campion? Well, as wrong as that statistic is, Kathryn was also a winner on the red carpet, wearing a lovely gray sheath dress that complemented her figure beautifully.
cameron diaz
Cameron Diaz has made her share of fashion mistakes, but Sunday night she did not. Wearing a jewel-encrusted dress by Oscar de la Renta, Diaz looked marvelous. She has a tendency to look a little too skinny, but this gown was either very flattering or she’s no longer stick-figure thin. Whichever it is, it works.



Vera Farmingo, the actress who did the voice of Alex Goran in the hit movie Up in the Air, wasn’t wearing a dress so much as she was wearing what looked like a coral reef. While a theoretical mathematician would have a field day working up the equations described by all the rufflage on her dress, to the casual observer, it just looked like too much, particularly in fuchsia.

diane krueger

Diane Kruger is a lovely woman. Didn’t she play Helen of Troy at some point? Anyway, the dress she chose for the Academy Awards was white with black … something … and lots of ruffles. All she needed was one of those big hats that Miss Kitty wore on “Gunsmoke” and she could star in a Wild West show at a theme park.

zoe saldano

Zoe Saldano is another lovely lass who chose poorly for the Oscars. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m so sick of ombre. Fine, fine, it was perfect for Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress, but for the most part it just looks like the wearer tromped through pastel mud on the way to the event. Add ombre to excessive ruffles and, well, it’s a train wreck.

So there you have it: some of the good and the bad from the 82nd annual Academy Awards show. It sounds like I have it in for anything ruffled, but that’s just not true. They can be done right, but it’s not easy. And one last thing: if I look like Meryl Streep (whose dress was designed by Chris March) when I’m 60, it will probably be from making a pact with the devil. What a beautiful, non-facelifted woman!

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  1. fungirl says:

    What a great time, checking out all the beautiful gowns, deciding who looked great and who didn’t! What about the awards themselves?

  2. Gleenn says:

    I blogged about Cameron’s dress but I did not see J.Lo’s lovely white. I always liked her style and this one makes me like her more.

    At first I actually thought that Diane wore a gold lovely gown during the oscars. but when I checked the photos, it wasn’t the one. I didn’t like this dress she chose, really, there’s just too much ruffles and ribbons. :)

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