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Accessorize Brightly with a Technicolor Clutch!

0 Comments 12 March 2011

Confession: I’m kind of a matching freak. I know, it’s ridiculous (not to mention totally dorky), but I just have this urge for everything I wear to go together… way too much. But even the most practiced fashionistas have room to improve, so trust me when I say that I’m trying hard to kick my compulsive color-coordinating! The first step is branching out with my accessorizing — my night-out clutch doesn’t have to be in the same dull neutral color family as my favorite Jessica Howard dress or blouse and skirt combo. This season’s little handbags are all about providing a healthy dose of brightness with a bold pop of color! Technicolor handbags are a fun way to add character to an otherwise monochromatic ensemble, or help tie in bright shoes or a bold pattern. If you’re new to loud accessories, it’s best to take baby steps with a solid-colored clutch with a more classic shape — you don’t want to upstage the rest of your outfit with additional look-at-me details like sequins or excessive hardware!

Pictured above: Rebecca Minkoff Classic Clutch in Butter, Tory Burch Robinson Classic Mini Bag in Poppy, Proenza Schouler Leather Pochette in Kelly Green, Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Box Clutch, and Kate Spade Gold Coast Bright Robin Clutch in Neon Pink.

– Alex Gambardella

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