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Alexa Chung H&M Leggings

0 Comments 29 August 2009


I just got back from New York and feel overwhelmed with all the styles, window displays, street fashion and just fabulous old shopping:)

I promised myself I would go around Spring Street and Prince Street, and have a little peek around Soho and the Lower East Side, but all my time was consumed with the company of friends, dining, dancing and conversations in a Park Avenue apartment terrace overlooking the city!

What I did remember to do though is that I promised you girls to get another Alexa Chung look, but I thought why not give it a different twist? So no pics of Alexa today instead let’s get a Chung inspired look!

It is easy to get and sexy to wear, my favourite garment of this fall the H&M sequince leggings, you can’t go wrong with them, this is the key for any look and then you can add a loose top in any colour you choose, or a cute dress, or even a buttoned up boyfriend shirt! Check out the ones I have selected from Urban Outfitters as well as their new Silence & Noise blazers,( by the way Silence & Noise is my new favourite brand at the moment, so you know what to expect from my next post!)

Going back to the look of today, check out these fantastic and colourful H&M party heels from their Party collection, or the Deena & Ozzy suede zip boot, both to accessories the leggings for a different look, your pick casual or party!
And last but surely not least the bag, here is a selection from H&M and Urban Outfitters where Deux Lux offers you a wide variety of their line, a little treat for us girls is these 4 sweet lipbalms that come in a delicious packaging of  Godiva lookalike box:)


Sequined Leggings – H & M


Deux Lux – Urban Outfitters


Black Top – Urban Outfitters

Treat yourselves girls, H&M and Urban Outfitters are just around the corner!!!

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