America’s Next Top Model…The Final Three

1 Comment 17 May 2006

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Joanie, Jade and Danielle work it tonight for the final prize.

So this show has been on for a million seasons and I just never paid any attention to it because, well, I hate reality T.V. However, my best friend came over and forced me to watch it and now I’m hooked! Tonight is the last episode and my money is on Joanie. She really worked it on that elephant photo shoot.

The drama! Those impossibly high shoes! The gossiping! Catch the season finale tonight on UPN at 8:00 to see who wins $100,000 and the chance at a modeling career.

The question is…will any of them have a career in modeling after this show? Most probably won’t. Like American Idol, they all get their flash in the pan moments, and a very few go on to become something bigger.

So…any other addicts out there? Who are you rooting for? Or is this just another stupid reality show that I somehow got sucked into? Let us know!

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  1. Aryanore says:

    for me, personally i think joanie shud win da antm… well, she had done a great job since shoot one… just look at her first shoot, the bald… her eyes….WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! her second shoot on the ‘iceland’ was perfect…so as her cinderella, mother wannabe, puppet, crying shot, till her covergirl shot… they were DAMN PERFECT… shes so beautiful… not dat im saying danielle wasnt good, she was as good as joanie too… her shots were great too throughout the entire competition… n i like her coz shes cute… but da reason why i think joanie shud win is bcoz joanie outdone her during the shoot for covergirl ad… well, the jusgest had spoken… i think the deciding factor is when tyra asked ‘b4 da judgest deliberate, do u girl have any last words’… danielle answered her first n diz showed her determination to win.. its like a pattern.. during the antm cycle 5, when tyra asked da ques, nicole anwered first n shes americas next top model… however, congrats danielle..i love u n joanie i love u too..

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