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Anticipating Big School: Essentials to Consider

0 Comments 07 March 2013

With families all over the UK on tenterhooks as they wait to find out what big school their child has been accepted into, mums will also be thinking about what they’re going to have to save for and invest in once their little ones make the transition to infant school. The big day may be not be until September, but there’s no reason why you can’t plan now to break down the costs.

As a first time parent, the sheer volume of essentials could get overwhelming but remember, don’t go overboard if you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking ahead towards September or you need to refresh what your children have during the Easter half term, use this handy list as a checklist and you can be sure to tick off all the main bits and pieces you need without breaking the bank.

The School Uniform

This is probably the primary thing you need to think about, including shoes. If your child has been going to nursery or preschool, their usual shoes would have sufficed. However, the next school shoes that need to be considered should be solely for school use; they should be comfortable and cushioned, supporting your child’s feet throughout the day.

Leather is always going to be the best option as they allow feet to breathe whilst also being super comfy for active kids. Where once they used to be mega expensive (particularly as you know they’ll get scuffed within a day), you can find them for less nowadays.

As for the rest of the uniform, it all depends on what the allocated school suggests. It may require branded school wear or may recommend places to kit your kids out. If standard uniforms are preferred, you can pick up some great bargains at George, meaning as far as clothes are concerned, you can get more for your money meaning fewer wash loads!

The School Bag

Try to purchase one that can be recognisable to both you and your child, rather than a standard bag that will be hard to distinguish from the rest at home time.

Choose a bag that will fit everything in it, from homework and books to important letters and reports. You can pick up a personalised bag that’s both funky and useful online.

The Lunch Box

If your school requires you to provide a school lunch every day, a lunch box that can be recognised is crucial. If you have a standard lunchbox that other children may also have, consider labeling it so that your child can pick it out with ease.

There are plenty of options on the market nowadays; choose one that suits your child, that’s easily cleaned and just the right size. Invest in a water bottle rather than giving cartons of juice everyday to save on cash.

As for everything else, listen to the advice of the school as they may supply things at primary school age, such as stationery and exercise books. Ask them what PE kit is required and use a personalised gym bag to hold it. Tick off these requirements and your child can head off to school looking cool, smart with his head held high.

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