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Arm “it” Acrylics

0 Comments 16 April 2010


When it comes to my arm candy my motto always is: the more the better.

Rarely will you see me out and about without a stack of bracelets halfway to my elbow.  However there are only so many bangles one can have before they all start looking the same which is why I’m loving the comeback of acrylic bracelets!  Made in a multitude of different shapes, designs, colors and sizes.

Of all the acrylic bracelets I’ve seen:  Burberry does them best. Each chunky piece has a bit of hardware on them, not a single one has a smooth edge and the colors are on point!  I dare you to find an outfit in your closet that you couldn’t pair one of these with… but why stop at one?

Mix and match the warm with cool tones in different shapes and sizes.  And no you don’t have to stick to all on one arm – you’re a trend-setter, you can do whatever you like.

From our friends at The It Lists

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