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Be Ocean Minded And Get Your Fall Vacation Sandals!

0 Comments 23 October 2008

I know its fall and verging on winter in most parts of the world. But to some of you it is still summer. Or you may want to do that fall/winter vacation to somewhere warm like Spain, Mexico, or the Bahamas. But if you’re a Miami or LA native, you’re going to love this new line of sporty and casual sandals from San Clemente, California – Ocean Minded.
This very clever and innovative brand uses all recycled materials with their shoe products! They use top quality natural and sustainable materials whenever possible. Now being ocean minded their staff and crew strives to protect the Earths most precious resources, the oceans, lakes, and streams. Making the commitment to advertise this philosophy to buyers to help pick up trash when visiting their favorite beach or lake. Of course Gary Ward, the president and founder lives strongly by this policy – and so does his staff.
But sticking to fashion, they have a wonderful array of women’s and men’s sandals to choose from. And at a great price! Ranging from $35 -$55.00 is the average price. And I picked my personal favorites from the collection for both men and women! So log onto Ocean Minded today and get your sandals for that fall vacation!

Women’s Ridge Sandal – $35.00 – My personal favorite!

Men’s Lowers Shoe – $55.00

Source: Ocean Minded

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer 2008

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