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Be Seductively Stylish Wear Devilishly Red Lipstick This Fall

0 Comments 09 September 2010

Megan Fox

You lips says it all! The powerful beauty that the lips could project speaks of nothing less but glamour and sex appeal. The redder the lips the harder it is to resist once impulse of finding it rather seductive and appealing. The fashion trend it symbolizes marks a pillar of sexiness and an aura oozing with charm that men would find it hard not to be dazzled by such sight.

In the hopes of staying in touch with the latest fashion trend, some women tend to forget the value of lipstick and how it is undeniably considered in the fashion list no matter how time goes by. The concern of others is how red lipstick matches other wardrobe while complementing one’s skin color and enhancing the look with a livelier aura and away from a scruffy and mismatched facade.

The Topshop Lips in Daredevil lipstick presents a luscious red color that can moisturize, smoothen and hydrate the lips with its matte finish design. Women with pale skin tone needs to put on something strikingly red that matches well with their skin. Trying on different shades can add accent to the look as well with options such as Brownish red and Bluish red color, furthermore the latter can also make the teeth to appear whiter summing up the glamorous appearance you wanted.

For a sensuous feel and glossy look the Paul and Joe Lipstick may just be the answer. Its formulation contains moist capture oil that can give the lips a moisturized look. Its true red color is suitable for medium skinned women with a touch of tan in their complexion, as such color appears bolder and more intense giving one the aura of defiance.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer Lipstick is perfect for women with dark brown complexion, its tender color creates a natural glossy look adding just the right gentle touch to emphasize a look that is simply sensual in nature.

Wearing red lipstick is not that hard, therefore keeping up with the fashion trend is as simple as applying a lip liner and avoiding too much matte and sheer looks in the hopes of having a look that lasts. Being simply beautiful is the key, for fashion trend need not be an over kill.

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