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Be Trendy With Military Inspired Gear This Fall

0 Comments 08 September 2010

The fashion industry is like a never ending cycle of the latest and most chic fashion statement season after season. With every season emerges new and interesting fashion icons that brings new taste and style to the fashion industry taking over the limelight and hyping up the craze for the season.

“Military inspired gear happen to be a good representation of the season as Neiman Marcus’ fashion director Ken Downing envisions a greener motif as fall begins. The fashion industry highlights the wearing of military apparel as most trend setters took their inspiration in their hopes to pay tribute to the men in the military who has given their lives for the country.

Sanctuary “Reserve” Military Jacket
– $129.00

The Sanctuary “Reserve Military Jacket is now making its way to the list of must haves. Such apparel is casually sophisticated in appearance with its sleek long sleeves and having double breasted buttons defining and lining the front and corner details. The style of such jacket can even be paired with jeans giving one a stylish appearance.

H. EICH – Military inspired waistcoat
– $142.00

H. EICH Military inspired waistcoat is a well fitted waistcoat that has lapels with unusual curves making one look fairly lean and well refined, pairing it with a nice pair of boots may just give one boldly elegant attire.

Skinny Cargo Ankle-zip Pant – $59.50

The entire get up will not be complete without the Victoria’s Secret Skinny Cargo Ankle Zip Pants, the skinny fit can and the it low waist style can give you the hottest look for the season. Furthermore donning cargo pants is a smart choice as it can be fairly paired with a lot of wardrobe collection and it does not go out of style in an instant.

Fashion is always at its peak, as the fashion industry flourishes with new inspiration every season. The spirit of class and style creates a look of spunk and exclusivity in every corner there is.

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