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Beauty And Couture At The New York Fashion Week For Spring 2011

0 Comments 21 October 2010

All the famous fashion designers gather together for a prestigious event as the fashion world connive and showcase their best designs in the celebration of the Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week. A celebration of fame and talent with a wide array of selection from different designers each richly inspired by culture, era and the love for fashion.

Calvin Klein

Among the list of famous fashion designers are the likes of Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. The modernization has taken its toll as designer Calvin Klein got his inspiration from modern looks. With colors that shows how white, ebony, red and blue can wonderfully go together in perfect harmony and bring out a rich and soft structure for the summer season.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang Delved into Pan-Asian stylistic cultural motif as her designs marked a combination of east meets west and bold designs of strong and soft opposite touches. The contemporary work of art paraded colors of black and mysterious forest green that added an intriguing and courageous accent to the entire style.

Marc Jacobs

Other famous fashion designers did not lose their footing as they too gave out their all out creativity in creating one of the greatest fashion styles ever created for the spring 2011 season. Marc Jacobs brought to life the fashion style craze way back in the seventies. Delving from traditional colors Marc Jacobs’s line of style featured lavender, black and rich tan to golden colors. The glamorous appeal of his creations focused on prints that seemed endless and floral gigantic add-ons giving a sheer and fabulously seductive look.

The creative minds of these famous fashion designers have gone to the depths of beauty and madness exemplifying the best creations season after season. Taking the marker of fashion elegance to its peak as every trend comes out into the open.

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