Bebe Strikes Out at Fashion Week

1 Comment 27 March 2006

Bebe, Spring 2006 L.A. Fashion Week

Okay Bebe designers, we get it…your first ever L.A. Fashion Week and you want to make a big impression by being really different. You want to separate yourself from your mall girl club wear lines by doing something REALLY couture. So you thought that a flower-inspired theme would do wonders and really awe people. Well…

Unfortunately, these styles even manage to be unflattering on the models…so how are real people supposed to wear them? The tulip bottomed, rusched satin skirts hit right at an area that most people want to minimize, and on top of that, add a lot of volume.

Not only are the styles just a little too 80’s-futuristic for me, but their color palate was primarily black, red and gray. Snore.

Oh well…if anything, I like the models side-slicked buns…they were kind of cute. Sad to say, but I think that Bebe needs to stick with making tube tops for teenagers and leave the designer stuff to the pro’s.

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  1. Margarite Elaine says:

    I totally agree. Bebe should stick to what they know. There is no shame in being known as the “club gear” store. It’s made you millions of dollars and given you a huge following. So much so that women actually wear your name across their butt. Now that’s success…..

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