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Black Lace Love or Hate?

0 Comments 23 December 2010

Jessica Biel

Black lace is one of those fashion trends that’s a bit tricky look to pull off because you risk looking like a Twilight fangirl, even if you’re all grown up. Jessica Biel, with her black lace dress from Oscar de la Renta, gives us some clues on how to wear black lace successfully.

First, normal hair and make-up are a must. Her hair is dark, but it isn’t shoe-polish black, and it’s done in a nice, loose style with curled ends. Her makeup is fairly neutral: no black lipstick (or blood red). And her fashion accessories really help her keep this look romantic rather than goth. The sparkly bracelet, ring, and clutch really make the look special-occasion-worthy, and her heels are simply dressy, not “statement” shoes.

While you may be tempted to de-goth black lace by adding color, you have to be careful. Silver, rhinestone, and other “happy” looking accessories will make your black lace ensemble beautiful, and keep you from being a fashion victim. Done right, black lace is a versatile enough fashion trend that you can really make it your own rather than simply following the herd.


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