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Boutique Shopping For The Environmentally Conscious At Devidoll

1 Comment 23 September 2008

We’ve heard it all before, with the nuance of environmentally friendly products. With recycling here to save there. And like everything in fashion. This may be a fad that we see come and go. But it has become the latest trend amongst young entrepreneurs or celebrities of today. As we featured last week on Couture the latest line from Beau Soleil with Aveeno. Stating out to fashion ‘reduce, recycle, renew’. And also with Zavida Gemstones. Who loves to give back to their jewelry artists.

Now if you are really one of those environmentally conscious shoppers you might like – Devidoll. Based out of London in the UK. This trendy little online boutique, stock fashion designers from all over the world. Selected of course for their edge and stylishness.

Every label sold at Devidoll is ethical in one or another way. With fair trade usage. Organic fabric and materials to promote both women and children’s socio-economic fashions. And even their packaging is made from recycled materials.

So if you’re cruising the web, and feel like being a little shopper conscious. Try Devidoll for your needs.


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1 comment

  1. this is a really cute site :) please feel free to check mine out too

    :) thx!

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