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Bra Fit 101: A Bra for Every Ensemble

0 Comments 15 October 2008

You’ve seen it; a perfectly cute girl ruins a perfectly cute strapless dress with those clear plastic bra straps like we can’t see them or anything. Let’s face it, not everyone can go bra-less, and some ensembles require special foundations. For example:

One-shoulder Dresses and Tops:

Jones New York One-Shoulder Dress, $124

For one-shoulder looks try:

Calvin Klein “Perfectly Fit Solutions” 5-way Bra, $39

This bra can be worn 5 different ways (traditional, strapless, halter, cross back and of course, one shoulder) and will give you the perfect amount of support for a one-shoulder look.


Democracy Strapless Dress, $159

Satiny (re: shows everything) material plus a strapless look could equal trouble for the wearer of this hot little number. To make sure you don’t have a nip slip, try this strapless bra from Jezebel:

Jezebel “Caress” Seamless Strapless Bra, $27

Plunging Necklines:

Maggy London Silk Halter Dress, $148

You’ve got two obstacles here: a deep v and a halter neck. A traditional bra simply won’t work here.

Fashion Forms “Infinite Options” Bra, $30

This infinite options bra contours to a variety of styles to fit your needs. With multiple hook entry points, you can create halter, t-back and many more varieties (like shown above) to fit your look.

Don’t let an ample bust stop you from enjoying a plunging neckline…you just need to check out Fit Matters at Macy’s. This online tutorial offers a great way to find out what bra’s work best for you (from the comfort of your own computer) with video testimonials and how-to’s. See? Now you can tell those clear bra straps to take a hike.

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