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Bra Fit 101: Bra Fit Horror Stories

0 Comments 16 October 2008

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We all have one; a bra fit horror story sure to create embarrassing flashbacks of spillage, back fat and overflowing cleavage. A bra can be your best friend or your enemy, and it all depends on fit. But short of trying on every type of foundation in the lingerie store, how will you know what works best for you?

If you are constantly battling shoulder-digging straps, half-empty cups or flattened boobs, then you have to check out Macy’s Fit Matters guide. This online tutorial is designed to help women of every shape find the most comfortable and flattering bra for them. Their Perfecting Performance guide answers any question you could think of, and even helps you identify some you may not. For example, one of the suggestions is to see if you are wearing your bra correctly…it may sound silly, but an adjustment here or there may make a world of difference.

So we ask you…what’s your bra fit horror story? Overflowing cups in an ill-fitting bridesmaids dress? Straps always showing under your favorite tank top? Let us know your biggest bra blunder and check out Macy’s Fit Matters for ways to correct and perfect your bra wardrobe.


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