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Bra Fit 101: Get the Perfect Fitting Bra at Macy’s!

0 Comments 13 October 2008

Sometimes we get so caught up with what’s on the outside that our foundations get ignored…a fact that I’m totally guilty of. Our bodies change so much over time that the same bra we wore only 2 years ago may not fit the same any more.

For me, I’ve recently lost a bit of weight, and of course the first place for it to go was in my bra. I have huge gaping spaces now where my cups once runneth over. I honestly don’t even know what to look for in shopping for a new bra!

I’m also a little shy when it comes to strangers touching my body, so I’m not too jazzed about going to a special lingerie store and getting fitted. Lucky for me, Macy’s has a great tutorial to help me find the rigiht bra for my shape and for an ensemble. Whether you are looking for something to go under a plunging v-neck, or simply some alluring lingerie for when the lights go out, Macy’s can guide you to the right bra for you.

The right fitting undergarments can help you stand taller, look sleeker and give you more support in ways you could never imagine. And lets face it…new undies are fun! Check out Bra Fit 101 at now, and toss out those ancient and ill fitting bras already!

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