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Bring Out The Wild Side With Animal Prints This Fall

0 Comments 06 September 2010

Leopard Print Trench Coat – $3,990.00 My favorite

Animal Prints is a type of fashion style that is suggestive of strongly bold image and fashion statement. Such fashion style is not at all new to the industry as it has a tendency for a comeback when the season calls for it. By far the print that stands out the most is the style having leopard prints, as it projects class. Engaging in animal printed fashion style can be an elegant choice or a catastrophic mistake, either way the key to perfection is a creatively unique fashion sense.

The Crop Faux Fur Leopard Coat, is a classic fashion style with detailed shawl leopard prints. This coat can be paired with outfits that has solid colors. The universal color that matches all is black, however one can also wear denims that are dark in color or with those that are neutral.

The Love Moschino short dress with leopard design is a tasteful fashion style of clothing. Keeping the animal prints in its vintage look with conservative lines can accentuate one’s figure. With such outfit one should not be too revealing as they may do away with skimpy dresses or skirts and tops that are low cut.

Accessories such as a handbag is necessary too, the L.A.M.B Freestyle Brandywell Tote can look good with the entire outfit however being a minimalist in terms of accessorizing is advised, otherwise one would look like a walking safari if they get too exited with wearing too many animal prints. So keep in mind to stick to one pattern alone. Having a good judgment on one’s fashion style helps a lot as some may go with the overkill just because they have matching outfits doesn’t mean they can wear them all at the same time, elegance and simplicity is of the essence still.

Animal prints give one a wildly mysterious look, and with such one should be careful when donning such fashion style. If one is unsure of the way they would look after, it is best to stick with the basic, which is to be simple and as loudly as the print may project being a minimalist is the best way to deal with the problem still.

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