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Camilla Alves – Aka Matthew McCounaghey’s Girlfriend – Launches MUXO Handbag Line

Comments Off 23 June 2008

The Brazilian Supermodel – Camilla Alves - is keeping on her toes launching her new handbag line MUXO.

The mother to be is just days away from expecting her first child with Hollywood star Matthew McCounaghey. Excited with her new venture. The fashion beauty combined her fashion connections with her mother’s creative side (her mother is a fashion designer). Together they created “goddess of the water in African legend” MUXO. A new line of leather handbags. The collection features lines to suit a “whole families needs” in handbags. From a couture line for women, men and even for babies.

MUXO by Camilla Alves
Camilla Alves goes MUXO with this urban legend of handbags

What’s so special about this line is that each and every MUXO handbag is handmade and crafted by Camilla and her mother every time. The quality of the leather – from the process of distressing and finishing the leather. To every stitch sewn, iron detail, tassel fringe, is all custom made and designed by their creative hand. Camilla claims that each handbag is original and that there are no machines or assembly involved.

Paulista’s Little Sister – From the MUXO line for women

Even Mathew McCounaghey is a big fan of the line. He’s been spotted sporting his MUXO “murse” all over LA.

Matthew McCounaghey sporting MUXO
McCounaghey sporting MUXO designed by girlfriend Camilla

Check out this beautiful line at www.MUXO.com

Source: MUXO, Yahoo! Google

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