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Can Botox Freeze Showbiz Careers as well as Foreheads?

1 Comment 09 April 2010

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There is news that some actresses in Hollywood might be losing out on acting jobs because of the inability of their faces to emote due to overuse of Botox injections. Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin that, when injected into “dynamic” facial wrinkles (the ones that form when you make a facial expression) causes the muscles underneath to relax for a period of around four months, smoothing out the skin. Overdone, it gives the face a waxen look and makes it difficult to form facial expressions.

But according to one New York doctor to the stars (whom he won’t name), those who wait until their 40s to try Botox are too late and doomed to a life of facial contours and creases that would make a snow tire proud.

The paradox is that while Hollywood actresses are basically forbidden to show their age if they’re a day older than 25, they can’t emote on film after having had enough Botox to wipe out facial creases.

Casting agent Matthew Messinger recently told, “There have been a couple of times in recent memory when the actress I would suggest for a role had recently had work done that so altered the her face, that the producer would pass on making them an offer. It’s not common, but it has happened.”

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  1. kathie says:

    could this be the beginnings of the end of botox?

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