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Can We Say it with a Straight Face? Heidi Montag Writes Action Flick 

0 Comments 15 April 2010

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During an appearance at the opening of Las Vegas’ Aria Resort and Casino’s Liquid Pool Lounge (Are there pools that are not liquid?) mega-enhanced reality star Heidi Montag divulged her career plans to UsMagazine.com: She’s written an action movie.

She described the movie as “very action packed. It’s Bourne-meets-Barbie,” and she, of course, would star (as Barbie, not Bourne). She also told UsMagazine that she “would love to be an action star,” saying that in a choice between becoming a star like girl-next-door Jennifer Aniston and bombshell Angelina Jolie, she would like to be “a combination of both.”

Montag, accompanied by six bodyguards, said that she has been undergoing training in “knife fighting and guns” for two years with someone who was in “the original Delta Force.” She recently filmed a cameo appearance alongside Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It. It was this to which she attributed her need for an entourage that includes several bodyguards, telling UsMagazine.com “I’m a movie star now!”

Another reason Montag gives for traveling with a security team is that her husband, Spencer Pratt, has been banned from the set of The Hills, whose last season premieres on April 27. A female producer made an undefined request that Pratt objected to, and he flipped out, screaming at the producer, and was booted from the set.

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