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Celebrity News: Angelina Jolie Begins Work on new Movie ‘Salt’

0 Comments 13 March 2009


Angelina Jolie seen hanging from a window as she performs scenes for her latest movie ‘Salt’ filming in uptown New YorkCity, USA.

When Columbia Pictures realized Jolie was interested in the movie, they rewrote the script for a female lead. The role is packed with stunts, and Jolie’s reluctance to participate in some of them has raised speculation that she is once again expecting.

Jolie will play the title character, Erika Salt, a CIA officer accused of being a Russian sleeper agent planning to assassinate the president. She escapes capture in a bid to prove that she’s not a traitor.

Jolie was recently voted by British film fans as the first actress cast in the ideal movie. Johnny Depp was voted the ideal lead actor, with Keira Knightly and Will Smith voted second in demand.

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