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0 Comments 30 May 2010

Dennis Hopper’s friends, loved-ones and co-stars have been paying tribute to the late actor

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The Hollywood legend – who passed away yesterday (29.05.10) aged 74, due to complications caused by his prostate cancer – has been praised by numerous celebrities friends who are keen to pay their respects to the screen star. Dennis’ ‘Easy Rider’ co-star Peter Fonda – who he also wrote the Oscar-nominated script with – admits he was “blessed” to know him.

He said: “Dennis introduced me to the world of Pop Art and ‘lost’ films. We rode the highways of America and changed the way movies were made in Hollywood. I was blessed by his passion and friendship.”Dennis’ ‘Hoosiers’ co-star Gene Hackman admits he also felt privileged to work with the late star. He said: “As an actor, one is always taken by someone who is different. An iconoclast, Dennis was an artist and I will always treasure having worked with him. He will be missed.”

Isabella Rossellini, who starred alongside Dennis in ‘Blue Velvet’, has revealed she was shocked by the late actor’s kindness.

She said: “When I first met Dennis on the set of ‘Blue Velvet’, he had just come out of rehab. I was afraid of him, but Dennis turned out to be infinitely kind, compassionate and understanding. He had gone to hell and came back from it with great wisdom. It will take me a while to realise and accept he isn’t with us any longer.”

Former Guns N’ Roses rocker Slash was also quick to take to his twitter page in honour of the film star – who was also known for appearing in ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, as well as directing several movies. He tweeted: “You take the great ones for granted until they’re gone. RIP Dennis Hopper.”

Actress Christina Applegate also wrote: “Sweet Dennis Hopper. Bless you for your gifts you gave us all these years.”

The actor was surrounded by family and friends for his final moments and dozens of bouquets of flowers are being left at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Juliette Binoche has admitted that growing older is liberating

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The 46-year-old actress thinks she is more honest in the choices she makes because she is no longer restricted by her past.

She said: “There’s something that happens in the woman when they reach a certain age. You let go of certain things. You lose some illusions. Your choices become your own choices and less the consequence of your education or your fears or preconceptions. You’ve been broken so much that it becomes a kind of liberation.

“Who cares what I do any more? So what if I decide I want to do a dance show at the age of 43? Why not?”

Despite making herself to focus of her decisions now, Juliette has previously admitted she became an actress because she wanted to be loved by others.

She said: “When I started as an actress, I wanted to please so much. I think we all need to be loved. When we fail, we are very, very hurt and behave in such a way that nobody is going to love us. There’s a moment when you are jumping into the trust and you don’t know if you will be loved or not.

“You’ve got to dare to allow for not being loved – if you don’t dare that, you are not an artist.”

Lady Gaga picked up a bar tab for an entire Birmingham pub

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The ‘Alejandro’ singer – who is currently back in the UK for the second time on her ‘Monster Ball’ tour – went to The Prince of Wales pub on Wednesday (26.05.10), and treated locals to a round of drinks and left a huge tip at the bar.

A source inside the pub told the Sun newspaper: “Everyone was stunned when this striking blond came in. Most of the blokes had no idea who she was at first.

“She sat at the bar with a pal for two hours, downing spirits and scribbling notes. She told the locals how much she was enjoying having a drink on a day off because she can’t handle drinking before a show. “She signed autographs for staff and left a huge tip – a few hundred pounds.”

The 24-year-old took to twitter to talk about her time in the pub, and confessed she was writing a new song there.

She wrote: “In a Pub in England, ruining bar napkins with lyrics and memories. Dreams are never weak like we are, drunk or sober.(sic)” Recently Lady Gaga confessed she had written a brand new song while in Liverpool.

Writing on her fan site, she said: “I’ve already written the first single for the new album and I promise you, that this album is the greatest of my career. It is the anthem for our generation.

“I wrote for you because of you, when I was in Liverpool, I wrote the greatest music I’ve ever written.”

Clint Eastwood has “become tired” of seeing himself on the big screen

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The actor-and-director – who will turn 80 on May 31st – prefers to stay behind the camera and allow younger stars to take center stage, but insists he has no plans to quit acting altogether.

He said: “I leave that to younger actors now. I’m not a prize fighter who has to capture another victory. Since I worked as a director for the first time on ‘Play Misty for Me’ in 1970 I’ve become tired of seeing myself on the big screen.

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop acting, though” The ‘Million Dollar Baby’ star is still determined to try new things, and believes directing films gives him more opportunities to push himself.

He told Germany’s Tele 5 TV station: “If you’ve done as many films as I have you stop looking back, you’re only going forwards.

“As a director it’s important to me to try new things once in a while. And as an actor, if a film is finished you can’t change it and you
have to leave it to other people to judge your work.”

Scarlett Johansson hates doing household chores

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The actress – who is married to ‘X Men’ star Ryan Reynolds – admitted that she’s not a fan of doing work around the house and hinted that she even leaves some domestic tasks to her spouse.

She said: “I wouldn’t say that cleaning is something I like to do, or ironing. I can’t remember the last time I ironed, actually.

“Does anybody actually iron any more? Men iron more than women these days.” However, while she hates cleaning, the ‘Iron Man 2’ star loves nothing more than creating new culinary treats.

She explained: “I love acto cook and bake, I love to be domestic in that way because you know what goes into the food you eat.

“I like cooking alone – I find it very therapeutic. I put on some music, maybe have a glass of wine and make something like a turkey Bolognese or a nice frittata.”

Leona Lewis was mortified when she accidentally flashed her underawear

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The ‘Bleeding Love’ singer was in the middle of a performance which included some wind machines and admits they were a little too powerful for her liking.

She said:”I was singing in front of some wind machines when my dress just blew up! I was only wearing a little pair of knickers, so it was really
embarrassing. The wind machines were meant to be blowing my hair, so how did it get up my dress? I was like, ‘Are you doing that on purpose?’ “Everyone pretended they didn’t see, but I know they did.” Although she was embarrassed about showing her underwear, Leona recently admitted she finds skinny dipping “liberating”.

The ‘Happy’ hitmaker admitted she and her friends once stripped off and jumped into a swimming pool during a holiday to Portugal in order to cheer up one of their other pals.

She said: “I was with some girlfriends in Portugal. One of my friends was going through a hard time with her boyfriend, so we thought let’s do
something crazy. It was liberating.”

Chris Rock wants to star in a Guy Ritchie film

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The US comedian – who is currently promoting his latest film ‘Death at a Funeral’ – admits he was supposed to appear in ‘Revolver’ as Avi but lost out at the last minute to Outkast singer Andre 3000.

Chris told BANG Showbiz: “I’m a fan of Guy Ritchie. ‘Snatch’ and ‘Lock, Stock’… I was supposed to be in ‘Revolver’ and then I saw one day that it was Andre 3000. I had the meeting. Maybe I was too expensive. Maybe I’ll be in his next one.”

Discussing his favourite film from the last year, the 45-year-old star admits ‘Avatar’ rates highly.

He said: “My favorite movie of this year? The last 12 months? I think ‘Avatar’ was pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty freaking good. And ‘(500)
Days of Summer’. That really spoke to me. ‘Precious’ was funny. That was a knee-slapper that ‘Precious’.”

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