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Celebrity Style: Fringed Scarf Jackets

0 Comments 07 July 2010

Fringed scarf jackets are the kind of fashion trend that go under the radar for a few seasons, then will show back up on a few celebrities or style makers before slipping away again. The reason the look doesn’t ever really dominate is because it’s easy to get wrong.

Fringe can be done in numerous ways. St. John, for example, makes a fringe-trimmed tweed jacket in a boysenberry multi-colored tweed that’s done with a very short fringe edging that would work in an office or over a lacy tank and tattered jeans. It is a more structured look, while fringed scarf jackets are pretty much the opposite of structured.

We’ve seen celebrity fashion trends recently that include the unstructured fringed scarf jacket on Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, and Ashley Olsen. What do these three lovely ladies have in common? They gravitate toward more bohemian looks, and away from prescribed looks. And that is really the key to getting away with wearing the fringed scarf jacket.

These jackets should be thought of as more fashion accessories than jackets. While Nicole Richie has gone out looking cute in an enormously oversized fringed kimono jacket, it isn’t advisable that you try this look at home, particularly if you’re tiny like Richie: you could easily trip, totally spoiling your “cool.”

Take this fashion industry trend in small doses, and you’ll rock the look. You don’t want to go head to toe Stevie Nicks (Only she can get away with that, after all.), but adding an unstructured fringed scarf jacket in a non-bulky material to a casual outfit or dress can change a look entirely from one day to the next. Keep it simple, and you’ll shine.

Whether it’s topping a simple blazer with a piano shawl like Kate Moss or making the style into a kimono-style jacket like Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen, stars are taking a sartorial note from Stevie Nicks this summer with long, sweeping fringe.


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