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Circus Tour Continues to Live up to Name

0 Comments 05 May 2009


Britney Spears tour continues on the east coast in the U.S. and will travel to London next month, with eight shows scheduled. The famous Dorchester Hotel, located between Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner, recently reported on the various requests that Spears has made prior to her stay there. Here are a few:

She wants to stay in a room that has never been smoked in, with humidifiers throughout, an array of current magazines, unarranged flowers that she will arrange herself, “chick-lit” books, Marilyn Monroe movies on DVD, 100 watt light bulbs, and running routes for nearby Hyde Park. The star plans to bring her own pillows, and has asked for security to sleep outside her room.

The most recent odd incident in the show was in Connecticut Saturday, when a Florida man, 20-year-old Kyle King, got up on stage and started dancing. He was stopped before coming in contact with Britney Spears, and was arrested on charges of breach of peace and eventually released on $250 bail. He is scheduled to be in court in Connecticut June 18.

Concert attendees noted that the microphone did not pick up Spears’ cries for help, leading to speculation that her mic was turned off because the singer was actually lip syncing. King posted his version of events on his MySpace page recently.

And finally, a German website reports that Spears is buying an expensive oxygen chamber that she will use to protect her voice. She has expressed dismay over having to breathe smoky air, particularly in Vancouver last month, where she left the stage for half an hour while the smoke cleared. Spears believes that the oxygen chamber will heal smoke inhalation damage to her voice. Other stars who have the machines are Madonna and Mick Jagger.

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