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Dating Makes you Want to Die (but you have to do it anyway): Book Review

0 Comments 18 September 2008

Dating Makes You Want to Die, Harper Collins, $14.95

Timid daters, beware; if you are looking for a soft and sensitive way to find your one true mate, then go to eHarmony or even a speed dating group. If you aren’t ready for the brash reality that is 21st century dating, then don’t even bother with “Dating Makes You Want to Die (but you have to do it anyway).” Authors Daniel Holloway and Dorothy Robinson will tell you so. They don’t give you warm and fuzzy advice on how to get the cute guy that works in the mail room to like you. No, they pretty much tell you how to lure the object of your affection into your love chamber so you can ravage them.

Peppered with Gen-X (and Gen-Y) jargon, this handbook for the relationship impaired is a hilarious read whether you are already wed or wish you were dead. No one is safe from the wrath of 21st century romance experts Holloway and Robinson as even Paula Abdul to Jack Nicholson are put under the microscope. Alcohol, debauchery and yes, lots and lots of (safe!) sex are the cornerstones of their dating philosophy.

So to reiterate, if you don’t believe in sex before marriage, if you aren’t willing to break out of your workaholic ways, and if you still live with your parents, then this book probably isn’t for you. But if you are a 20 or 30-something ready to change your ways in an effort to get some (and, essentially to create a long, lasting relationship), then this is a must read. Holloway and Robinson provide a wise and easy to follow guide so you can go from drinks and dinner to diamonds and “I Do’s.”

Complete with hilarious quizes, real-life situations and lots and lots of up-to-date advice, no swinging single should be without this book. Heck, even if you are married, this is a good read because it will remind you of the dating battlefield out there that you no longer have to endure. Plus, it’s pretty funny. So grab a bottle of wine, run a bath and read “Dating Makes You Want to Die (but you have to do it anyway)” and pretty soon, you may have someone to share that bubble bath with. Enjoy!

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