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David Beckham, Angelina Jolie Could Appear in Armani Ad Together

0 Comments 09 July 2009

David Beckham Reveals Autumn/Winter Armani Underwear Campaign

David Beckham

After a rumoured three years worth of negotiation, Angelina Jolie has signed up as the face of an Armani fragrance. Meanwhile, football star David Beckham, who has a £20 million contract with Armani as the company’s global ambassador, and Victoria Beckham, who has a £12 million contract with Armani’s lingerie line, have appeared together in racy lingerie ads for Armani that should make it into magazines and onto billboards later this month.

As for the idea of putting Beckham and Jolie in an ad together, it’s already been much thought about, though no clear plans have been announced. In the Daily Star, an industry source said, “She is arguably the world’s biggest woman star and he is the most sought-after man. Putting them in front of a camera together would be electric.”

Has anyone bothered to ask Mrs. Beckham and Jolie’s significant other Brad Pitt if they mind their other halves appearing in an ad together? It’s been discussed, but negotiations are being handled delicately due to the potentially upsetting nature of the situation.

Jolie’s contract has nothing to do with Armani underwear, however. She is to headline an ad campaign for a new Armani scent that will debut later this year.

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