Denim Resurrection

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By Raquel Franco

When you think of denim you probably think of jeans. Or maybe you recall an image from a period when your denim came in funky colors like hot pink and lime green. Well, denim is coming back this fall in more than just a pair of jeans. The popular cloth usually worn on your legs is now coming back in skirts, handbags and jackets. I even saw a vest in a recent issue of Marie Claire. When I first heard of the resurrection, I was frightened. I am in no way ready to relive the 80’s, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the latest designer creations.

The most recent couture denim and my favorite, I might add, are the new Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim handbags. This line of chic, alligator bags comes in seven different amazing styles. I know LV handbags are known to cost a hefty penny so if you are looking for a cheaper way to show off some denim threads, the Gap will be featuring denim bags for their fall line. They will only put you back a mere 30 bucks.

In the fall you can also watch for designers like Ralph Lauren and Armani to have some great denim creations in their new lines.

Whatever your feelings may be about denim, I say just give it a try. You will see it gracing the pages of your favorite magazines and in stores near you. A little denim never hurt anybody, right?

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