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Designer Shoe Lovers + Friends

0 Comments 01 August 2011

If you want designer shoes that are completely off the beaten path, then check out the 2011 collection of Lovers + Friends. This newly launched clothing line has completely taken the fashion world by storm in just the few months of its existence. Lovers + Friends presents fresh new ideas in designer shoes as well as apparel. Its creations have been stark successes even though they are a very new line and lack the financial clout of the bigger brands. Their modest size perhaps adds to the charm of the brand. It is definitely worth looking into.

Consider for example the excellent Chloe tan shoes. This is certainly one of the trendiest shoes of the season. The upper body is made of leather and the style is completely different from what you may have seen so far. The one-inch platform is of rubber and there is a side-buckled strap. The stud accents add glamour to the whole thing, even though the mere design is more than enough.

Another similar design yet even funkier is the Fiona Platform which is available only in black. There is a sort of menacing sobriety about this model. Cool, yet serious; a definite looker in your more formal outfits.

The olive-colored Mia Wedge is handmade. It is for those who enjoy the delicacy and luxury of a style that will surprise many. The Mia goes extremely well with Khaki outfits and jeans. It is the perfect shoe for parties and nights at clubs.

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