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Does Lindsay have the Same Name Recognition as Oprah and Madonna?

1 Comment 19 March 2010

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Well, Lindsay Lohan certainly thinks so, and she’s suing financial services giant E-Trade for $100 million for “violating her privacy” after running an ad during the Super Bowl starring a “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay. The burden of proof is now on Lohan to prove that a significant number of people think of her on a first-name-only basis.

Lohan’s lawyer Daniel Horowitz says that the ad is obviously intended to make fun of Lohan and her personal struggles with alcohol and substance abuse. Horowitz says that the only way E-Trade can prevail is if they successfully claim it was a parody, which doesn’t sound all that hard to do.

Adding to the complexity for Lohan is that if she succeeds, she will have to make the argument that she has such a strong reputation as a heavy drinker that the made-up word “milkaholic” clearly refers to her.

The suit was filed last week in New York State’s Nassau County Supreme Court. She is asking for $50 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in exemplary damages. So far, E-trade hasn’t said much. E-Trade has had a long-running series of ads starring babies who talk about investments and life in general in adult voices. In the ad in question, one baby refers to “that milkaholic, Lindsay.”

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  1. fungirl says:

    I don’t think this is really necessary for Lindsay to do! If she just lets everything go regarding her drinking problem, it eventually will blow awy as long as she stays sober. This just calls for more attention to this issue for her, not necessarily good either!

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