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Donning Donatella

2 Comments 02 December 2011

This year cash strapped consumers in the United Kingdom have had reason to see some ray of light where fashion is concerned. First Kate Middleton became the new princess, the future Queen and the latest fashion icon.

Unlike previous princesses though, Kate Middleton preferred to wear high street clothes as opposed to donning exclusive designer wear, a fact that led to sighs of relief from girls all over the world because it meant they could also afford to look the princess and easily get their hands on what she was wearing. Most of what she wears costs less than £200 a dress. Makes for a juicy story in the media but girls all over love Kate for it.

Today however things look even brighter than ever. The giant and extremely popular Swedish store chain of H&M today introduced its exclusive collection of Versace dresses that were made especially for the store at its famous Regent Street shop. Donatella Versace who is part owner of the Versace brand was there in person to introduce her new line. But that isn’t the best part of the fact that Versace is being placed in a high street store. The best part is that it is being sold for record budget prices so that pretty much anyone can afford at least one dress and be able to wear the incredible Versace experience.

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  1. DressedWell says:

    Ooooh we love the first dress! So cool.

  2. Que says:

    I think there is too much decor on the dress to an extend that it is overwhelming

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