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Emily Blunt Shaped up for Ballerina Role

0 Comments 14 February 2011

Emily Blunt is making the latest celebrity news today, as buzz starts building about her upcoming role opposite Matt Damon in the movie The Adjustment Bureau. In the movie, Blunt plays a ballerina, and says she got in such great shape for the role that she developed “eight-pack” abs. “I looked like an aerobics teacher,” she told Women’s Health magazine.

She said that working opposite someone as famous as Damon caused some problems, however. “Wherever he goes, people are like … I feel their brains melt,” she said. The two had particular problems one day when they were required to shoot a very emotional scene in a public place with lots of people around. When they finally thought they had the take, someone yelled out, “Matt Damon!” necessitating a re-take.

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