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Enter Our Invisibelt – All Belt & No Bulk Contest! Enter Before November 10th 2008!

5 Comments 04 November 2008

The Invisibelt is a smooth, clear plastic belt that is virtually undetectable!

Enter our Invisibelt – all belt & no bulk contest! Tell us how you could use one of these very trendy belts, and how it can enhance your life! As one of the latest trends hitting the runway, belts are a hot trend right now. So along comes Invisibelt to solve our belt-sizing woes!
We’ve all been there–putting on that adorable new fall sweater with our favorite jeans and there it is: that unsightly waistline bulge-eek! Eliminate the problem with Invisibelt- the functional and totally affordable solution. Not only is Invisibelt undetectable under your favorite form-fitting tops, it’s a sensible alternative to bringing your pants to the tailor when they’re a pinch too big AND provides an instant slimming effect!

Learn how to use the Invisibelt – and get it just right! Log onto How to use Invisibelt to find out more!

The Invisibelt is for any woman who wants to look her best when dressed. We all have those pants that are a pinch too big in the waist that we don’t want to alter. This functional, undetectable and affordable belt allows women to wear today’s fashions, which include longer t-shirts and sweaters, sheer tunics, and both high-rise and lower rise pants, without the problematic belt buckle bulge. It’s also ideal for those pants (especially jeans) which start out snug and stretch out over the course of a day. A bra-like adjuster makes it a cinch to adjust to your size!

Our Couture staff tried and tested the new Invisibelt! Here is what our Editor had to say!

“I am a huge accessories fan and I love belts. But I have always hated that you always end up with excess bulge when wearing fitted tops. I was very pleased when I found out about Invisibelt. What a great concept! Invisibelt totally disappears under those form fitting tops. You just adjust to your perfect size and off you go! I think every fashionista should own one. Now I have a belt that is invisible and I love it!”
Angelique Sims – Editor – Couture in the City

So enter our Invisiblet contest today and tell us how this fabulous accessory can enhance your life! Send your comments to And title your email Invisibelt Contest. This contest will run until November 10th 2008. So get your comments in to win!

The invisibelt retails for $19.99 and is available at

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer 2008

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  1. D'Rae says:

    I would love to try this belt! My hips are about 2 sizes bigger than my waist so my bottoms are always big in the waist and convential belts always leave a huge bulge where the buckly is. This would cut down on that and give a nice clean look with fitted tops. Please enter me in the contest as I would love to win this!

  2. gina says:

    after giving birth to twins, i lost alot of weight yet my belly still very noticable, so when i wear jeans i need a belt to keep them up yet i hate having MORE bulk in the front, hope this helps elimate a little belly view…i hope i win!!

  3. Zoe Lee says:

    I lost 25 lbs the past few weeks, and all of my jeans (even my skinny ones) are too big. Some I bought when I was skinnier and are just a mite too big, this belt would help big-time! Thanks for the contest.

  4. Breanna says:

    I think that this will sell really well and it’s a fabulous idea! Belts that actually hold your pants around your hips aren’t very flattering, and they are seen more around mid waist on a much larger scale. Accessories are getting bigger by the day it seems. I always have a problem keeping my pants up in place unless they are high-wasted because I have smaller hips than thighs. Bulk belts also take away from a sleek blouse or t-shirt some may wear so an invisible belt like this is also a really good idea to wear with dressy shirts. I like to wear fitted tops and it’s difficult to wear them when you have a thick belt holding up your jeans. What a great idea! I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these. I think more and more companies are producing clothing that may be more convenient to wear which is very important because ultimately the easier to wear clothing will sell a lot more. Sometimes the best inventions aren’t very high tech at all. . The invisible belt is holds pants in place, avoiding the sagginess associated with waste size that will fit. When bottoms and thighs aren’t proportioned to hips it results in a poor fit which is exactly what my problem seems to be. I will spread the world, thanks for the great post! I can’t wait to actually find some jeans that will stay in place.

  5. Invisibelt says:

    Thanks so much for featuring the Invisibelt on your site! We’ve recommended to our fans on Facebook as a great place to read about the latest in fashion, beauty, and style. Invisibelt’s Facebook fans are also among the first to hear about our special discounts and giveaways! You can read the article at

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