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Erin O’Connor has no plans to retire from the catwalk

0 Comments 17 June 2010

Photo from fOTOGLIF

The 32-year-old beauty wants to carry on down the runway for as long as possible as she doesn’t think age has anything do to with a model’s ability to pose for the cameras.

She said: “I hate that idea of retirement or ‘You’re past your sell-by-date.’ That is very odd, because, for me, it is about moving, showcasing and being an outrageous poser.”

Erin says she absolutely loves being in the fashion industry and finds being on the catwalk liberating.

She told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper: “You’d think after 15 years I would be bored, but I’m not. The catwalk is like liberation, because there is a bit of performance involved, a bit of skill thrown in, so it doesn’t matter what age you are.”

Now she is one of the more experienced women in the fashion industry, Erin recently set up the Model Sanctuary – which offers respite and a full-time nutritionist to very young models – as she knows they need help when starting out.

She has said of it: “These are really young people. They don’t always realize that they need to set their own boundaries.”

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