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Europe’s Autumn Girl Accessories For Fall: Handbags, Shoes, Jewelry & Gloves

1 Comment 19 August 2008

Yes Fall is just around the corner. Alas if we are lucky we will have a glimpse of an Indian summer breaking into September up into early October. But still as the seasons change so does our wardrobe. I always feel a tang bit sad when fall comes around. The leaves start falling, awaiting the colder months ahead. But, I do love the colors of autumn. Which are rich in bold reds, sienna browns, yellows, and greens. These are the colors we can gain inspiration from! Even lilacs and lavenders, and blues are pushing forth their awesome colors. In the jewelry and accessories department. But what has Europe got going on in the fall department? Let’s find out!


High Boots

Knee-high or over-the-knee styles are best paired with mini lengths and go great with wool mini skirts. These long boots will take lightweight dresses into winter. And the Soft suede styles in the palest of hues are the feminine choice of the season.


Baby Bags

Wheter it’s Perspex boxes, pompoms, or frilled leather purses. The more fanciful your bag, the better! Don’t reserve these handbags just for evening outings – these little gems deserve to be displayed all day!


Costume Jewelry

From chunky wooden beads, giant Deco cuffs, and bold neck pieces… Jewelry comes super-sized! As long as it makes an impact, anything goes.


Experiment with bold colors or try glossy black leather. The perfect glove length? Ending halfway up the forearm.

Source: Vogue UK

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