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Exclusive Deals for the Holidays 

1 Comment 15 December 2009

Why is it that on an ordinary day in, say, April, you’ll see something and think to yourself, “That would make the perfect gift for my sister/mother/niece/daughter/girlfriend. I’ll have to remember this at Christmas!” And then when it actually is Christmas and you’re shopping overtime, your mind draws a blank any time you try to think of something to get the people on your gift list. Frustrating.

Here’s a list of a few awesome holiday gift ideas for that best friend, favorite aunt, or covetous fashion blogger (ahem) in your life.
crystal stud ring

Let’s start with this hot pink crystal studded cocktail ring. This is pure fun. It’s chunky, gorgeous, and has a slightly retro look to it. I guarantee that whoever you give this ring to will put it on immediately and refuse to take it off, even when everyone is asking politely if they can try it on. The recipient will most likely sleep in it too, just like you did when you got that sparkly tiara for Christmas when you were six.

Makeup kits are great fun no matter what time of year, and this Sexy Starlet kit from Benefit includes three favorites done up in a fabulous pink and gold clutch box. You get CORALista cheek powder, a warm coral shade, Some Kind-a Gorgeous oil free foundation faker, and a tube of BADgal lash mascara. With a tube of tinted lip gloss, this could be a person’s entire weekend makeup kit.

La Mer has been around for almost a decade. Designer Martine is inspired by her world travels, and this amazing watch is something that will definitely draw the good kind of attention. It’s different, but it’s done in black with a classic watch face. I can’t think of a better nod to this season’s slightly tough girl 80s vibe than this La Mer watch with gorgeous leather straps. I wouldn’t get this for the same person you get the hot pink cocktail ring for, however. It will go to their head and they’ll be completely insufferable from then on.

Maybe you noticed a trend among these selected gift ideas: they’re all small. There’ll be no hassle trying to get this stuff in your carry-on bag or in the trunk of your car, and none of it is going to weigh you down. And there’s a lot of truth to that “great things come in small packages” cliche. If it’s in a box the size of a piece of Christmas fudge, you know it isn’t a household appliance, so that’s a point in its favor already.

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1 comment

  1. Angelique,
    101% agree that the best gift you can gift in a small packing is crystal studded cocktail ring. Its expensive and much beautiful.

    Keep smiling

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