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Exclusive I’m Not Britney Interview With Ndoema!

0 Comments 31 October 2008

Ndoema – Star of I’m not Britney. Is she a new style icon? Or just a global girl?

Ndoema (pronounced En-DOY-mah) is a new sensation! And her new short independent flick I’m not Britney. Is crossing all boundaries to reach all women across the world. I had the wonderful opportunity of chatting with her at her Los Angeles Studio, Webisodic.

The short feature film was featured at the Cannes Film Festival and described as “a breathtaking performance”. And with a strong following on myspace, face book, and of course her own site. And her prominent French accent, (which warms one like a smooth french latte). I just had to know who this global fashionista is! So I got straight to it! And asked Ndoema all about her movie, passions, and off course – her fashion!

Jacqueline H – Couture: Hello darling! It is a pleasure to be speaking with you today! I have heard so much about you! And of course we think that you are absolutely beautiful and fabulous in your new short flick I’m not Britney!

Ndoema: Thank you! I am so glad to be speaking with you today!

Jacqueline H. Couture: Now your new flick I’m not Britney. It is quite different and fascinating to your audience. And has many different views on fashion. What was your inspiration for the short film, and why did you do it?

Ndoema: I wanted to portray the inner beauty again. I’m not Britney encompasses a peace of mind. And a unity among women. It is a celebration of our own uniqueness in fashion. Not fashion treason! It is about daring to function. Daring to be yourself. And to be glamorous. You can be extremely fashionable. Fashion is about having fun! Not being weighed down! I wanted to portray something meaningful and powerful.

Jacqueline H – Couture: Why did you choose the title I’m not Britney? Are you poking a little fun at Britney Spears?

Ndoema: Oh no! I’m not Britney is less about a person than it is about an archetype. I am trying to create and show a new ‘archetype’ in fashion. A new form of media impression. I wanted to present to teens and young women a different type of role model entirely, one that offers hope.

Jacqueline H – Couture: You look very glam in the short flick, which designer gowns were you wearing?

Ndoema: I am actually wearing a lot of my own designs! I love creating my own fashion. And expressing my creative self. I am looking towards designing for feature films also! I am very fashion driven!

Jacqueline H – Couture: You are surrounded by fabulous looking male models in I’m not Britney. Was it fun working with them and to be surrounded by all that attention?

Ndoema: It was an incredible experience! And having leading men from all around the world made it particularly special! As one actor said: “To be a romantic leading man in a project like this is reminding us that there’s more than stereotypes out there and that we’re human again”. And that was wonderfully rewarding for me.

Jacqueline H – Couture: Now to get back to fashion! What fashion or beauty accessory can’t you live without?

Ndoema: I love shoes! They are by far my favorite accessory!

Jacqueline H – Couture: Now, I love beauty products! And if you are a product hound like me. You are probably all about it! What is your daily beauty skin care routine?

Ndoema: My secret to looking good starts from within. My diet is my beauty routine. I nourish myself with great food – since I am a raw vegan! My beauty regimen starts from within. To me looking good is about feeling good!

Jacqueline H – Couture: Who is your favorite fashion designer today?

Ndoema: I love Prada and Miu Miu shoes!

Jacqueline H – Couture: Would you call yourself a fashion diva?

Ndoema: No, No! A fashion lover, fashionista, fashion obsessed.

Jacqueline H – Couture: What is your fashion motto?

Ndoema: To really be true to myself, and be original in yourself. To be proud of who you are – fashionably proud of who you are.

Jacqueline H – Couture: And on a final note! What message do you want to give to our readers at Couture in the City!

Ndoema: Discover your true self, and try to express that in fashion and beauty. Find your self discovery. And you’re medium in fashion. And be proud of that.

Ndoema – Looking absolutely fabulous at the North American premiere at the La Femme Film Festival.

Check out the I’m Not Britney short movie at www.I’mNotBritney.com

Source for images: theglobalgirl.com, Webisodic

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Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer 2008

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