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Exclusive Interview! With Lawrence Zarian – The Fashion Guy From TV Guide!

0 Comments 28 November 2008

Lawrence Zarian – The Fashion Guy! And America’s style guru!

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Lawrence Zarian -The Fashion Guy! We jazzed about fashion, beauty and the hottest trends out there for this fall and winter season!

This dashing model turned TV star, has Hollywood – or dare I say the fashion world - wrapped around his little finger! From appearing live on ABC’s The Academy Awards. To changing lives with his fashionable and stylish make-overs on Live with Regis and Kelly. Turning the ordinary fashion starved lady into a hot and fashionable diva! Even TYRA can’t get enough of this Fashion Guy!

Now shining in his element on TV Guide Network’s – The Fashion Team. Lawrence is the host with the most! Serving his weekly dose of fashion news. From haute couture to Hollywood royalty, there’s nobody Lawrence can’t charm. His energy, quick wit, and insight on “what’s hot”. Not to mention his very funny and delectable sense of humor. (He had me tickling with laughter throughout our conversation!). Has made Lawrence one of the most sought after on-camera TV personalities today! Ladies and gentleman the man of the hour! The charming, the debonair, the breathtaking, the spectacular…Lawrence Zarian!

Jacqueline – Couture in the City: It is great to see you on TV Guide’s The Fashion Team! It must be so much fun! So far who would you say has been your favorite fashion guest and why?

Lawrence Zarian: Well there are actually two celebrities that I very much enjoyed having on the Fashion Team! The first is Jaclyn Smith. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. The second is Vanessa Williams. I think she is great. And I just love the way she portrays herself. Especially as an actress on Ugly Betty. Those are my favorite two!

Jacqueline – Couture in the City: Of course here at Couture in the City our readers are excited to hear what is the next fall fashion trend we should be looking out for. So tell me Lawrence, what is in right now?

Lawrence Zarian: Well I am a true believer that you should buy what you can afford. I would recommend for the ladies to keep their look clean, simple, and classic. Go for that classic black skirt, or that black pencil skirt! Go for textured tights, tall boots and a great turtle neck to finish the look. You know even a simple broach just adds that classic finish. Purple is hot right now! Anything purple!

Jacqueline – Couture in the City: In regards to that how could we find that great look? And where could we purchase that look for less lets say?

Lawrence Zarian: I like JC Penny’s, Marshalls, Target, Macy’s, Forever 21. And Lane Bryant for plus sizes.

Lawrence interviewing none other than Charlie’s Angel – Jaclyn Smith – on The Fashion Team!

Jacqueline – Couture in the City: Lawrence is it bags, shoes or belts! What should a girl grab right now for fall as the hottest accessory! And where if she wanted to could she buy it?

Lawrence Zarian: I love the chunky jewelry! You can get a great look for less! Go to JC Penny, Forever 21. And accessorize with those pearls and chunky necklaces! Go for those purples and aborigines. And stack up those bracelets!

Jacqueline – Couture in the City: Now, I have asked you all about fashion. But I would love to know more about your fashion loves! So who is your favorite fashion designer today?

Lawrence Zarian: For men, Hugo Boss – he has a very classic everyday look and wear. And for women – Valentino.

Jacqueline – Couture in the City: Do you prefer the term Fashion Diva or Fashionista?

Lawrence Zarian: (Joking voice) I like the term… Fashion Guy

Jacqueline – Couture in the City: Ok last but not least! Here’s a tough one for you! Let’s challenge your fashion smarts, since your are the guru of fashion! Which famous French designer once quoted “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different?” And “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” I’ll give you a hint! Her famous logo interlinks. Can you guess it!?

Lawrence Zarian: Oh gosh! Let me think about that for a minute…Oh! That has to be Coco Chanel?! Did I get it right?

Jacqueline – Couture in the City: Yes! Yes you did!

Check out Lawrence every Sunday on TV Guide Network – The Fashion Team!
Learn more about Lawrence on his web site at www.TheFashionGuy.com

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer & Editor, West Coast 2008

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