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0 Comments 01 June 2010

Cat Deeley’s new jewellery collection has been inspired by vintage pieces

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The ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ host is launching an accessories line with home shopping channel QVC later this month and wanted her pieces to have a classic feel to them, with a modern twist.

Speaking of her decision to become a jewelery designer, Cat said: “People would always ask, ‘Where’d you get that?’ when I wore things. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to go to vintage stores and look through things. Lots of people find it scary – it’s time-consuming and it’s nice that I do the leg work for them and make it all work.”

The British beauty says her job allows her to find stunning vintage pieces because she gets to travel all across the US.

She said: “I’m quite good at finding these little hidden treasures. When I’m going off and traveling around the country on the audition tour, I go to all these vintage shops – anywhere from Los Angeles to New York to Memphis to Nashville to wherever. And I find all these amazing vintage designs.”

If her accessories line is a success, Cat may consider creating her own clothing range.

She said: “Perhaps I might do one. But it would be along a similar vibe-vintage-inspired. Something that’s very useful and modern and very fresh. I don’t want women to turn around and think vintage isn’t for me, that it’s old and boring.”

Gemma Arterton loves shopping for bargains

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The ‘Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’ actress has become a huge fan of vintage stores because she knows she can get stunning items of clothing at cheap prices.

She said: “Yesterday I bought an incredible pair of vintage, leather harem trousers in a shop in Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the price tag and they were $38!”

Although she likes a bargain, Gemma does enjoy getting dressed up for the red carpet because it means she can wear expensive gowns, something she wouldn’t day in everyday life.

She said: “Of course I enjoy it! I get to wear things that I would never be able to wear in my own life. As I do more work, I’ve been able to wear some really fantastic designers, like Valentino for example. I’m always excited to try things on and play designer dress up!”

Despite being one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, the 24-year-old beauty is keen to stick to her UK style roots.

She told “I’m always aware of keeping the British edge that I’m very proud of. My style is ever evolving, it’s all very exciting!”

Karl Lagerfeld wants to make more affordable clothing

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The flamboyant designer – who currently creates ranges for luxury labels Fendi and Chanel – is keen to venture into the mass market again to recreate the success of his collaboration with high street store H&M in 2004.

He said: “My dream is to turn the whole house of Lagerfeld into this kind of mass business, because I am at the peak of luxury with Chanel and Fendi. Being at both ends of the market is the height of luxury.”

Although he wants to work on another affordable range, Lagerfeld recently teamed up with luxury label Hogan on a “unique collaboration with a special project for the Spring Summer 2011 collection”.

In a statement, Hogan – which is part of the Tod’s footwear empire – said it was looking forward to working with Lagerfeld and praised his work. It read: “Karl Lagerfeld has built a universe where every line is controlled and every detail has meaning. From this Cartesian spirit has arisen a hyper-modern and structured style at the top of its form. A look and an attitude transcribed through graphic codes that have become emblematic signatures.”

Lagerfeld will create shoes, clothing and accessories for the one-off collaboration.

Georgia Jagger gets modeling advice from mother Jerry Hall

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The 18-year-old beauty – whose father is Rolling Stones legend Sir Mick Jagger – has teamed up with her mum in a new campaign for Australian suncare brand Invisible Zinc and Georgia admits it was fun working together.

She said: “She’s so great. She was like, ‘Go put your hair like this, stand this way, get in the good light.’ It was good. It was nice to have a buddy – I usually work on my own.”

Georgia – whose elder sister Lizzie has also followed in their mother’s footsteps by becoming a model – is very close to her 53-year-old mother and
the pair even share clothes.

She told Style magazine: “Our whole family is close, especially the girls. Half my closet is hers.”

Jerry added: “We love to go get ready in my dressing room and discuss what we’re gonna wear to this or that, or new make-up or, you know, things we’ve discovered.”

Georgia – who is the face of Hudson jeans and Rimmel London – is totally in awe of her mother’s modeling past because she’s lived such a glamorous life. She said: “Mum’s awesome! Me and Lizzie love her. We think she’s so cool. I’m always saying to people when I’m on photo shoots about what mum says and her old stories from fashion and how it used to be.”

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