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Fashion Q & A: Split Knee Pants, Yay or Nay?

0 Comments 19 September 2008

Couture in the City reader Lucy asks:

I have an event in Dallas tonight and it is “casual chic”. I borrowed a pair of pants from a friend and I’m not sure if they are cheesy or not.  The are black and split at the knee so when you walk it is almost like having a dress on.  Any thoughts???

Good one Lucy! Yes, split knee pants are a murky area; on one hand, you are probably going to be the only one at your event wearing them. On the other hand, that may not be such a good thing.

There are a few ways that you can wear pants like these without looking like a refugee from the midnight buffet on a Carnival cruise. Try these options for a “casual chic” event with split knee pants the next time you feel adventurous:

1) Black on black: create an ensemble that Angelina Jolie would be proud of and go for black on black. Not only will this make your outfit look more seamless, it will be slimming and sophisticated. Top off with some layered chains (very big right now) or long artsy necklaces and high heels and you are done.

2) Disco Queen: really play up the novelty of these pants with an equally edgy top. Think sequins, think glitter, and don’t look back. Ok, there could be a point where too much is more than enough. I would suggest a neutral colored tank with a sequin or bead embellished bolero jacket, metallic heels and a clutch.

3) Peek-A-Boo: take advantage of this seasons’ uber popular textured tights and wear a pair under these pants with a neutral top, belted sweater or tunic. Every time you take a step, people will get a flash of interesting texture instead of your leg. Top this look off with t-strap sandals or pumps for maximum effect.

So there you have it Lucy, and you were right to be skeptical. Generally speaking, split-to-the-knee pants are not so hot right now. Lucky for you, they are black and with a little imagination, you can make them work. Enjoy your chic soiree!

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