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Fashionable Trends in Women’s Rings

1 Comment 20 March 2012


The wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William was a precursor to an explosion in ring trends all over the world. Young women are now spotting rings that vary in shape, color and stone. Over the past year, there have been winners and losers in terms of what’s popular and what’s not. We’ll have a look at both these aspects in relation to the current trends.

Women’s rings have finally embraced color in semi-precious stones, thanks to rubies and gemstones that have become the centerpiece for many a ring. For example, Ms. Middleton’s ring, which was essentially a blue sapphire and diamond ring, became a huge hit when she flashed it during the royal wedding. Specifically, dark blue tones of sapphire have grown in demand, meaning that rings that contain this precious stone have risen in price. Another celebrity who was spotted with a blue sapphire and diamond combo ring is Elizabeth Hurley. As it is, this little-known precious stone has found its way into the hearts of many a young woman.

Another trend in young women’s rings is the patterned diamond without a center stone. This is an update of the single center diamond on a band, a ring classic. Small diamonds are fashioned into interesting shapes, reminiscent of the bezel setting ring worn by Twilight star Nikki Reed.

Yet another trend is the accented diamond ring. This simply means that the diamond comes in a color other than white. It is not uncommon to see these types of rings sporting an orange, yellow or purple sheen. They symbolize a youthful spirit and vitality, which is why they have become a runaway success with young women. Some notable women who sport colored diamond rings include Brooke Mueller and Rebecca Romijn.

A trend that has gone out of style is that of the huge ring, made temporarily famous by the once-married Kim Kardashian. Hers was a 16.5 carat emerald cut that contained a huge center stone and 2 carat trapezoids. The bigger-is-better mentality has gone out the window because bigger rings are more prone to flaws during the cutting process. Simplicity and daintiness are thus back in style.

Another trend that has seen demise is the white gold ring with a single center diamond. It has been termed as too dated and boring by young women enthusiasts, who are all about interesting shapes and rare but affordable gems. This trend is likely to continue, as evidenced by young Hollywood, which is leading these ring trends, much to the delight of young women the world over.

So before you buy that that promise ring for girlfriend, learn these ring trends.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I saw her ring during her interviews, yeah! her ring is so fabulous, I was dreaming and wishing I could or someone would give me same ring on her.

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