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Fashionista Focus: How to Steal Rachel Bilson’s Look

3 Comments 13 December 2007


Rachel Bilson in Abaete (source)


Bilson in menswear (source)


On the Red Carpet (source)

It boggles my mind how, out of everyone from The O.C. cast, Mischa Barton’s closet got the most attention. Sure she was quirky and wore some pretty risky ensembles, but she’s got nothing on Rachel Bilson.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’ve watched her acting work (I haven’t) but I can’t help but notice her in the press. She almost always looks put together, wearing up-to-the-minute trends that are cute, but not over the top. Yeah, she plays it safe, but at the same time, you know she’s probably way more confident in lantern sleeve tops than Mischa is in high waisted pants.

You can snag Rachel’s look too with these simple style tips:

1) Solid color palette: Feel free to get trendy pieces, but get them in solid colors. Rachel rarely wears patterns, and this makes it easier for her to mix and match, as well as wear unique pieces.

2) Tailored pieces: Why does Rachel always look so put together? Because her wardrobe fits…find a good tailor to help you get your pieces to fit right. Too saggy pants and blouses will only make you look sloppy.

3) Trendy accessories: Focus on getting trendy, yet quality, accesories like silver shoes, clutches, belts, wide hoop earrings and more. However, keep accessorizing low-scale, and only do one or two at a time, otherwise you end up looking a mess.

4) Natural hair and makeup: Rachel isn’t the only one to have discovered the magic of natural hair and makeup. Keeping hair and makeup in check will keep your uber-trendy pieces from looking like too too much.

5) Take a few chances: Don’t play it safe all the time, but get some reviews first. There is a reason that we have never seen RB’s bit’s and pieces…she probably has a friend that lets her know when her hemline is too short. However, if she played it safe, we may have never had the pleasure to feast our eyes on her Abaete dress. Fab!

Whether or not Rachel’s look is your taste or not, anyone can take cues from these simple fashion rules to get a wardrobe any celeb would be envious of. What do you think…is Rachel’s look unique, or overrated?

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3 Comments so far

  1. Angel says:

    Thanks for tips, they are so useful. I’ll definitely try some of them.

  2. Imelda says:

    I really really like the dresses she’s wearing!

  3. Elle says:

    That green dress is fantastic. However, I disagree that her clothes are always well-tailored. She’s swimming in those pants in the second picture – I can’t even see her feet!

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