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Fashionista Q & A: One Shoulder Styles, In or Out?

0 Comments 18 January 2008


Cate Blanchette, Heidi Klum and Eva Mendes lookin’ Diaphanous (source)

You asked…we answered! Couture in the City reader Annie asked:

I’m cleaning out my closet and I need to know, are one shoulder tops in style?

It’s tough to say Annie. One-sleeved Grecian inspired dresses are super hot right now, but not necessarily one shoulder tops. They’re a little 2001, unfortch. But don’t despair, and don’t send them packin’ to Goodwill just yet. If you’ve got the imagination, and a whole lot of self-confidence, you may be able to put a Gwen Stefani spin on your one-shoulder tops. Here’s how:

1) One-shoulder tanks: pair a solid one-shoulder tank under a jean jacket with a patterened skirt for an asymmetrical look. OR pair a solid colored tank with a matching solid colored skirt for a dress-effect (one-shoulder dresses are more in style right now).

2) One-shoulder long sleeve tops: consider the pattern. Is it way out of date, or classic? Is it a solid color? Is it a designer top? If it’s a floral number from Old Navy, chuck it. If it’s too trendy or looks way too out of style, then used your best judgement.

3) One-shoulder t-shirs: these are a world of no. Just give them away.

And last of all, compare your tops to current looks. Everything comes back around! Take a look at some of these cute tops available now and compare them to the ones you have. You may be surprised to find out that they are similar:


One-shoulder top from Sweetface (source)


One-shoulder top from Kooba (source)

Happy closet cleaning, and make sure to compare and contrast before you say goodbye to your one-shoulder tops forever!

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