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Five Accessories to Compliment Any Outfit

0 Comments 26 October 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker

If you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on other things but still want a fashionable look, anchor your accessory wardrobe around a few, highly versatile items, and mix and match to match virtually any outfit you own.
Interchangeable Necklaces

Start with a simple Base Necklace and add chains as needed or wanted to
change your look. Loops, braids, bands or baubles and beads, transform your casual look to business wear with a simple two-hook system. Switch to a carefree look and add contrasting types for a “take me as I am. I am free of restrictions” look that flaunts your fashion independence.
Change looks, change lengths and change styles all by adding or removing a strand or two. That’s not bad versatility.
Reversible Belt

If you’re going to minimize your accessories, at least allow different
colors or styles in your belt. While most come in a Black/Brown combination,others are possible. Choose your combination to match the two predominant color schemes in your wardrobe.
Don’t go with a wide belt, though. A width of around an inch usually lends itself gracefully to any attire. Smaller might work depending on your height and overall build. If you’re delicately boned, then a narrower width in your belt would probably work if you are around 5 feet 6 inches tall or less.
Choose leather over cloth: It’s a lot more durable and won’t stretch or
shrink like cloth might. It also doesn’t bleed color if you get stuck in the rain!

Silk Scarf

Make it long enough to use as a belt and you extend your scarf modes
exponentially. If you wear it around your neck, by encapsulating your hair, or as a light shawl, every one deserves one really good scarf, and silk’s the way to go.
Take a good look at the rest of your wardrobe: Would a solid color work best or do you need a bit of pizzazz in a bold pattern? It’s your choice, and either scheme would work well if coordinated well before you purchase it. (Can you get the best of both worlds with a reversible scarf, like the belt?)


Whether you like the multiple-surface look of a braided bracelet or the
simplicity of a single-tone band, choose either a silver or a gold bracelet that speaks to and for your personality and fashion outlook. Whether you wear it with jeans and sandals or for a night on the town, your bracelet is a signature look that means only “You.”

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, and they might last forever, but let’s be serious, ladies. They are just sometimes too much for casual attire. When looking for a pair of earrings with versatility and comfort, go with either silver or gold hoops.
Whether they’re smaller or larger depends entirely on your personality and outlook. But choose the hoops to coordinate and accent the rest of your attire.
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