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‘Fragile’ Heidi Montag’s Mom is Freaked Out by Daughter’s Transformation

1 Comment 09 February 2010

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Though she tells People magazine she’s “fragile” and “not in a great place right now,” Heidi Montag insists she’s the happiest she’s ever been, despite her mother’s bewilderment with her surgically-produced physical transformation.

Montag recently saw her mother Darlene Egelhoff for the first time since her plastic surgery marathon in late 2009 during which she had 10 procedures in a day. The reunion, which took place in Crested Butte, Colorado, Montag’s hometown, didn’t exactly go as planned.

Telling People that her mother looked at her like a “zoo animal” and a “circus freak,” Montag insisted that the only problem her mom had with her new plastic face and body was that “Spencer was there for me and she wasn’t.” Spencer is the widely disliked reality television star that Montag is married to. Mom also expressed her feelings that the great pressures of the music industry are warping Heidi’s self image, but Heidi says that her surgical changes are necessary to her career as a pop star, because part of being a pop star is being “the most beautiful, inside and out.”

Heidi’s sister Holly, who also appears on the “reality” show The Hills on MTV applauded her sister’s action, saying “She’s being very strong and holding to her own morals and I’m very proud of her.”

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  1. Oh wow. Those two have a twisted sense of beauty and self-worth.

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