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With it becoming harder and harder to sit down long enough to open up the pages of a good book, tablets are becoming even more popular with those of us on the go. With manufacturers making several different types of tablets, there are indeed many to choose from, but the good part about this is that there’s bound to be one that falls into your budget. However, even though the cost of eBooks isn’t usually as expensive as a physical book, if you aren’t careful, the ease and convenience of purchasing and downloading books to your tablet can definitely add up. You may even be overwhelmed by the many eBooks offered online and may have trouble deciding where to start. But if you’re excited to start filling up your virtual shelves with books, here are some ways to legally acquire free eBooks for your tablet.

Public Domain eBooks

If you’re located in the United States, there are several websites that offer free downloads for eBooks in the public domain. What this means is that the copyright of these particular books has expired, which allows you to legally download a free copy. If you’re a fan of classic literature, you’re in luck. You’ll find several popular classic literature titles in the public domain. But a public domain book isn’t limited to classic literature. You’ll also find various genres ranging from everything from autobiography to science fiction. There are literally thousands of public domain eBooks available for downloading that come in various formats, so you should be able to find one that works with your tablet.

Promotional Books

If you still want to add to your virtual library after downloading all the public domain books that interested you, try visiting websites that offer free promotional eBooks for your eReader. There are tons of websites that allow authors to offer their new books for free for a limited amount of time. If you choose to download these eBooks, you could discover many new and talented authors in the genres of your choosing. These books are usually more recent than public domain books, and may contain more mainstream literature. Perhaps you’re a fan of werewolves, shape-shifters, vampires, and things that go bump in the night. Or perhaps you would rather a science fiction route filled with spaceships and aliens. You’ll probably find them both, and a lot more, if you consider searching for promotional books for your tablet.

Something for Everyone

Regardless of what types of eBooks interest you, with a bit of searching, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. Public domain, promotional, and other free and legal sources for eBooks aren’t just limited to fiction. You’ll easily find eBooks in regards to non-fiction, recipes, education, and lots more. Many websites allow you to use limiters to search for different genres and subjects using simple keywords. Also, depending on your tablet and the websites you download your eBooks from, you may even be able to acquire embedded media eBooks and even interactive eBooks.

Even if you find that there aren’t too many free eBooks that you’re interested in, you should still download a few of them in different formats to discover how they work with your specific tablet. By doing so, you can help to prevent making a mistake when you’re ready to purchase eBooks. There are few things worse than spending money on an eBook only to discover that it doesn’t work with your tablet.

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