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When it comes to looking sharper this Fall, the RAZR2 has is it all with its sleeker and stronger facade and cutting-edge features that have redefined the mobile phone into a must-have fashion accessory. The San Francisco Chronicle recently wrote, ” the phone itself has got to be one of the most fashionable devices out there, with its solid construction and luxury feel.”

The RAZR2 boasts an ultra-thin, sharper profile, having lost 2 millimeters in its makeover from the original RAZR. It flaunts a smooth and sophisticated seamless casing as well as greatly enhanced dual screens that give the device a ‘largest-in-its-class’ external display. Don’t worry about digging for it in your oversized handbag — the chemically hardened glass display is more scratch-resistant. And if you happen to drop it while waiting in line for your morning latte, don’t worry about the multi-tasker behind you accidentally stepping on your new device — its durable stainless steel frame can support up to 180 lbs!

With the phone shut, you can still do it all from watching TV to playing music and viewing album art; plus on some models you can even respond to text messages. You’ll always know what buttons you are pushing with Motorola’s breakthrough “haptics” technology, which provides vibrating feedback in response to your fingertips. That’s literally something to buzz about!

RAZR2’s patented CrystalTalkâ„¢ technology makes calls with friends or family clearer than ever. Whether you are weaving through the crowded racks at H&M or hailing a cab in the streets of NYC, a conversation will not be missed. This feature automatically accounts for background noise and adjusts audio to match the ambient volume, ensuring clear calls even in noisy environments.

The fashion conscious will have a tough decision to make with so many gorgeous colors. Start debating now whether you’ll look best with a Bordeaux-like Mahogany V9 from AT&T, a rich deep brown Espresso V9m from Verizon Wireless, or a steely Dark Pearl Grey V9m from Sprint or Alltel. They’re on sale beginning September 4th (and online at Sprint today). There’s even a deep ink Dark Navy color coming soon that is sure to look fine with your latest find.

For more imformation visit Motorola’s website.

Demo reel of the RAZR2 on YouTube.

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